Divan Base Only

Divan bed bases are usually made from wood and then covered in upholstered material. This makes them more stylish than simple bed frames. They will sit on the floor, usually on legs or castors and you can purchase the mattress of your choice to sit on the top.

Divan bases are a popular choice in rooms where space is limited as they are slightly smaller than other types of beds. The beds also come in two and four pieces that can be slotted together, and this makes it much easier to get the bed through the house and up the stairs. If you know you will be moving house again before you look to replace your bed, then you can be sure that moving the bed will be a simple task.

There are a number of choices that you will have in terms of the firmness of the bed. A platform top for the bed is usually made from wood, and even when a mattress is placed on top of it, you will still have a firm base to lie on. If you choose a sprung edge base, this will have a layer of springs that makes the bed feel softer when you are lying in it. Generally speaking divan beds are softer to lie on, although a lot will also depend on the mattress that you choose.

Another reason why divan beds are so popular is that offer a lot of storage space. There are often drawers in the bottom of divan beds that can be used to store things away in, and some bases will lift up completely so that you have the whole of the underneath of bed for storage. These types of beds often have hydraulic springs to help keep the rising and closing of the bed under control. If you have limited space at the sides of your bed then this may be a good choice as you won’t have to worry about pulling drawers out.

Divan beds are very versatile when it comes to pairing your bed with the existing decor of your bedroom. Choosing a base in a neutral colour means that it will fit in with the colour scheme that you have already without you having to make any major changes. However, if you want to make your bed the focal point of your bedroom, then you can choose a colour for the divan base that will really stand out. Using throws and cushions on top of your duvet set can also add to this, especially if they are in contrasting colours.

A recent development in the design of these beds has seen them having longer legs and a shorter base. This will not make the beds any higher, but having longer legs makes the bed more decorative. Because the actual bases of these beds have less space, they do not generally come with any storage options. If you are happy to sacrifice this storage space, then these beds do offer something different to the decor of your bedroom.

Divan Bases Only Information

Why Buy Divan Bed Base Only?

Some people may love their current mattress and wish to upgrade their bed base only. Common reasons for this may be a lack of support due to an older bed base breaking or sagging, because they want a base that incorporates storage, or simply because they want an upgrade that looks good.

Divan Base Sizes

We offer bed bases in a wide range of sizes. If you do not see the size you need presented on the site, contact us as we can supply you with a custom made divan bed base to fit your requirements exactly.

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