Divan Beds

People in the UK simply love divan beds. They are the top choice, towering above others such as the standard wooden bed frame. One reason is cost; divan beds are usually less expensive than most other types offered. Another reason is versatility. Divan beds come in so many different configurations and sizes that they can be adapted easily to any size bedroom. Probably the biggest reason they are so popular is they provide storage, since many divans include discreet storage drawers hidden within the base.

Choose Your Divan Size

Divan beds come in several different sizes that make them a very comfortable choice for a limited amount of space. They can be chosen in single, double, king size and super king size, as well as half sizes. If those dimensions are too restrictive, most divan bed manufacturers offer the option of custom sizing.

Another unique feature of divan beds is that the base is usually divided and set on castors. This is a great advantage for small rooms with limited entry sizes. The bed can be moved into a room easily simply by separating the base.

Divan Bed Accessories

Divans offer the simplest of style. Ordinarily, an upholstered base is purchased upon which a mattress, valance sheets and headboard must be added. This would seem like a drawback, but instead it is an advantage. The divan can be adorned any way the customer prefers, with several different mattresses of individual comfort levels, and headboards that can be properly sized even to fit small corners. The headboard can also be entirely eliminated if the room dimensions require it.

Not all divan beds offer storage capacity as part of the base unit, but many do unless you want a foldable bed. The storage drawers blend into the design of the base and are nearly impossible to detect. They are a space-saving solution where bedding, towels and other personal items can be stored away from pets, insects and other invaders.

Ottoman divans offer storage in another way. Instead of drawers, an Ottoman divan opens like a suitcase, revealing a large storage space. Since the base can be heavy, Ottomans are usually powered by gas hydraulics or tension springs that make them easier to open.

Divan beds satisfy one of the biggest needs that people have in the UK today; the need for extra space.

Divan Beds Information

Why a Divan Bed?

Divan beds have been the top choice among UK consumers for many decades. This is due to the marvelous support they provide along with the ample storage space some divan beds offer. Divan beds also look great and give a bedroom a much more elegant feel than a metal or plain wooden framed bed.

Find The Divan Bed You Need

Regardless if you are looking for a small children’s starter divan bed, a double divan with deep storage or a super king size divan bed for the ultimate in comfort and luxury, we can help!

We work with a large number of top UK bed manufacturers and can source exactly what you are searching for if you let us know your requirements. We believe our prices to be the lowest in the UK, and will always price match a bed you see advertised on another site providing it is the same brand and model.

Divan Beds with Storage

When buying  divan bed, it is a good idea to go for a base with incorporated storage. This usually comes in the form of two drawers on one side of the bed, Most divans with drawers are reversible, so you can choose if the drawers are on the right or left side of the bed. Alternatively, you can opt for a bed with four shallow drawers, a good solution if you have restricted space at either side of the bed.

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