Double Divan Bases

A Double Divan bed base is a wood frame, covered with high-quality material, with castors, glides, or legs and sits on the floor and holds a Divan mattress. The Double Divan base is 90 cm. (54 inches) wide and 190 cm. (75 inches) long.

The solid or platform top Double Divan base is a solid hard top and will feel firmer. This base is a hardboard wood frame that is upholstered with a layer of padding on top. The platform top Double Divan base is the most inexpensive and an orthopedic mattress is the most popular choice for this base.

The Double Divan sprung edge base has a complete open coil or pocket spring unit mounted on a frame that provides support and has no hard edges. The Double Divan Sprung Edge base has a much softer feel and takes a lot of strain off of the mattress, which increases the mattresses durability and lifetime.

The firm edge Double Divan base has fewer springs and a rigid wooden sided frame. They will still soften the feel of the mattress, but the edge is strong in construction and has a hard feel. The firm edge Double Divan base helps to prevent rolling out of the bed.

The Double Divan base has a magnificent range of upholstery fabrics to choose from. There is exquisite jacquard woven fabric choices along with luxurious tactile faux suede and faux leather to fit every bedroom decor. There is plaid prints, flower prints, and striped prints.The drawers are covered in the same fabric you choose for your base. There are also headboards and footboards to coordinate with any Double Divan Base.

Under-bed storage options are plentiful in the traditional deep double divan bases. There are non-drawer bases or two drawers. There are two plus two conti drawers that have two bigger drawers and two smaller drawers allowing for nightstands without blocking access. There is four large drawers or a side slider door open compartment single base. One large drawer or end slider at the foot of the base, or two drawers and the drawer at the foot of the base. Drawers on only the right side or the left side of the single base so you can put the bed against a wall.

The Hideaway Double Divan bases offer a choice of hidden storage which can either be a deep large open cavity hidden by a fabric valance or two drawers hidden by a fabric valance in the base.

Super storage Double Divan bases are hinged at the base of the platform that the mattress sits on and allows you to use the entire base for storage. Hydraulic springs make it easy to lift up even when the mattress in place. This is great for small bedrooms since you don’t need additional room to pull out drawers.

If you prefer no storage and a more contemporary look you can choose the shallow Double Divan base with longer legs and open underneath, there are many different stylish legs to choose from, and they come in different metals or woods.

The Double Divan base is certainly one to consider when shopping for a new bed. They are well built, beautifully crafted, and customizable to your needs. Made for today’s modern homes the smaller sizes and storage space is unbeatable.

Double Divan Bed Bases Information

Benefits of a double divan base

The benefits to choosing a double divan base include there is plenty of room for two people to sleep, plus you have the choice of selecting a bed with storage options. Our divan bases come with two or four deep drawers allowing you to store many items away and have more space in your bedroom.

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