Double Divan Beds

A double divan bed is a beautiful bed for any bedroom. A divan small double bed measures 90 cm (54 inches) wide and 190 cm (75 inches) long. This makes the bed a good option for today’s homes smaller spaces; it is fairly easy to get upstairs and around corners in tight hallways, etc. The quality, styles, and fabric options that are available for a double divan bed are outstanding.

Double divan mattress options

Double divan mattress popular options include coil sprung, memory foam, memory foam with pocket sprung, and pocket sprung so you’re sure to get a comfortable night’s rest with one of those choices. If you sleep with a partner and one of you is a restless sleeper, you may want to consider a zip and link mattress as this allows each person to move around during the night without disturbing the other.

Double divan bed bases

Choose from a solid or platform top double divan base, a double divan sprung edge base, or a less common firm edge base. Then thing about the storage choices for the base of the bed, you can choose from non-drawer bases or a base with drawers. Two plus two drawer base designs have two bigger drawers and two smaller drawers which allow for a night table on either side without blocking access to the storage. Or you may prefer four large drawers or a side slider door open compartment double bed base. One large drawer or end slider door at the foot of the base, or two drawers and the drawer at the foot of the base is another possibility. There are also double divan bases with drawers on only the right side or the left side of the double base so you can put the bed against a wall.

Lastly, there are super storage double divan bed bases that are often described a Ottoman beds. These are hinged at the base or on one side of the platform that the mattress sits on and they allow you to use the entire base for storage.

Double divans upholstery

The choices are wide when it comes to the range of upholstery fabrics to choose from for a divan bed. You can choose from jacquard woven fabrics or tactile faux suede and faux leather to match existing bedroom decor. There are prints in all conceivable designs; think flower prints, stripes, or even polka dots! The selection of headboards and foot boards that coordinate with the base are also very diverse. If you prefer a more contemporary look for your double divan bed, you can of course choose that too.

A double divan bed is certainly one to consider when shopping for a new bed. They are well built, beautifully crafted, and customisable to your current decor. Made for today’s modern homes the choice in sizes and storage space offered is unbeatable.

Double Divan Beds Information

Why choose a double divan bed?

A double divan is a great option if you’re short on bedroom space but want something a bit more stylish than a standard wooden or metal bed. You can choose between a base with storage drawers or go for an ottoman bed base that allows you to utilise all the space inside.

Double divan bed prices

The price of your double divan will depend on whether you choose a 4 ft or 4 ft 6″ bed, the type of storgae and the material used to make the bed. We can offer you a 4 ft divan bed for just £149.00.

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