King Size Divan Bases

Studies report that the average person spends a third of their lives sleeping. That equates to about 200,000 hours in bed. A divan bed is a popular style of bed and the most simplest style available. It can also be a piece of couch-like sitting furniture but more popularly used as a box-spring based bed.

Origins of the divan bed

The divan received its name, because they were found along the walls of council members’ chambers called divan. They are a common piece of furniture in Levantine homes. A divan is a base, on to which a mattress and headboard can be added. There are two types of king size bases: pocket sprung divans and platform tops. The pocket sprung divans have springs in the base. Platform tops have a hard top and provides a firmer feel. Divan beds tend to be less expensive than other beds. They also have more sizes to choose from, with the king size providing the optimum luxury and comfort.

Advantages of a king size divan bed base

One of the main advantages of a king size divan bed is its great comfort. You will find a king size divan distributes weight evenly across the base of the bed. They also have a layer of springs which add further softness. This enhances the quality of sleep. Most king size divans have drawers incorporated into the base, providing additional storage. The solid base of a divan bed provides unmatched support for the mattress.

Standard bed frames do not do much to enhance the decor of a bedroom.  But a king size divan bed base will surely affect a bedroom’s style. It allows you to play with different decor options. If you include a headboard on the bed, even more so. King size divan bases are available in many different materials such as wood, chenille, crushed velvet or leather.

King Size Divan Bed Bases Information

Why choose a king size divan?

A king size divan is the perfect option if you have enough room for a 5 ft bed. Once you have slept on a king size divan, you will never want to go back to sleeping on a standard double bed, and the amount of storage in a kind size bed base is unbeatable.

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