King Size Divan Beds

Divan beds are the most popular types of beds in the UK. A divan bed is essentially a mattress placed on top of a solid box, and although this sounds very basic, they actually offer a great deal of comfort. There are usually castors on the base of the bed to allow you to move it around easily if required. There are a number of advantages of purchasing a king size divan bed.

Advantages of a king size divan

It is far better for a bed to be too big than too small, and a king size bed will certainly provide you with all the room that you need. When you are sharing a bed with someone else, you need to ensure that you both have adequate space to get a good night’s sleep. A double bed may not give you this amount of space which could mean that you and your partner end up disturbing each other through the night. If this situation sounds familiar to you, then you may want to consider choosing a king size divan for your next bed.

Divan beds are also a good choice if you have a limited amount of storage space. This is because they often come with drawers in the base that you can use to store sheets, towel, blankets, etc. These drawers do not make any difference to the comfort of the bed as there is a solid board above them for the mattress to lie on. Divan beds may also lift up in the same manner as an Ottoman to give access to the storage space below.

King size divan styles

King size divan beds come in a wide range of colours and styles, so it is easy to find a bed that will match the decor of your bedroom. They are also available in a number of different fabrics including chenille, leather, faux leather, and crushed velvet to name a few. Therefore, you may have more choice than you expect in terms of the design of the bed. Matching headboards are also an option in most cases, if this is a feature you desire.

King Size Divan Beds Information

Benefits of a king size divan

There are many benefits to sleeping in a large bed, and the most common being they are ideal for tall or wide people. But even the smaller person will appreciate the extra inches for a great night’s sleep. Some people move quite a lot at night, and the extra bed space gives them room to turn without disturbing a partner or getting too close to the edge. Choose a king size divan with mattress to take advantage of our discounted sale prices.

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